Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gambling on Poker > Gambling on Matters of Life and Death, Apparently

Warmonger John McCain, playing poker during the Senate hearing on whether or not we should bomb Syria.

His response is to make a joke
The response of NBC News' chief foreign affairs correspondent is to defend him:
Come on guys, it was a THREE HOUR hearing! Do you know how long that is? Deciding who lives and dies can be soooooo dull.

Fuck all of these people.


  1. Well it isn't like he doesn't know where he stands on Syria, which I believe is full scale invasion. In fact, maybe McCain's right. All representatives should have their minds made up before the hearings that way they can be brief maybe 20 minutes. After all what's at stake?

  2. It's a very simple idea, Julian.
    He was trying to decide whether or not he felt lucky (punk). It's a much more efficient way to decide than paying attention to three hours of people who have already made up their minds (i.e. sold their vote) talking at each other.
    He wins -> lucky day -> good day for a war. He loses -> bad luck today -> no war.


    That is how it works, right? ... Right?