Monday, April 1, 2013

Wingnuts Finding New Ways To Look Like Idiots

The sheer stupidity of wingnuts is fairly impressive. What happened yesterday started as a relatively stupid wingnut story, but then gradually made it's way to one of my favorite wingnut freakouts in some time. (thanks to that buzzfeed story for all the screen grabs)

First outrage: Wingnuts upset that Google not honoring Easter with their doodle

Wingnut Hilariousness Rating: D Not particularly humorous if this was the only thing that got them worked up, although getting angry at google for "not honoring Easter enough" is pretty funny. Thankfully there is more to this story.

Second outrage: Wingnuts upset that Google chose to honor Caesar Chavez, ON EASTER OF ALL DAYS.

Wingnut Hilariousness Rating: B. Wingnuts are constantly worked into frenzys about easter not being honored enough, so them combining it into a freakout over honoring a pretty much universally respected labor leader is great. Unions join the war on Easter!

This would all be pretty funny if it ended here. Thankfully, a subset of the those that were worked into a rage over the last development are such unspeakable idiots that they managed to take it to the next level.

Third outrage: Wingnuts heard something something "Chavez" and thought google had honored Hugo Chavez .... ON EASTER OF ALL DAYS.

Wingnut Hilariousness Rating: A+. It combines all the elements of everything you love about wingnuts: Ill-targeted rage, racism, profound ignorance, and of course, mind blowing stupidity. 

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