Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thanks Republican Sociopaths

Jim fucking Cramer
Maybe by getting so caught up in stopping non white/old people from voting, enough old/white people will also be stopped from voting and this issue will get some attention.


  1. Democracy is a beautiful thing...particularly when it undoes itself.

  2. Yeah. I understand why the media ingores plenty of stuff that I think it should focus on (climate change, labor issues, etc...) but one party is openly trying to STOP PEOPLE FROM VOTING. And it's not like their hiding it, PA's gov even said passing this bill IS HOW WE ELECT MITT ROMNEY. How you ignore that story is beyond me. I guess it doesn't fit in the "some people say republicans are trying to stop people from voting, republicans disagree" mold so it gets ignored.

  3. Wait this is happening to white people now? I just keep telling myself it is wrong to stop people from voting even if they are old and white.