Friday, July 13, 2012

David Brooks Is Wrong on the Internet

David Brooks wrote a column about Chris Hayes' book, and I think he's saying that today's elites don't work as hard because they aren't white protestant males. Which is nice of him to say out loud, but um... no. Also, his column also contains this paragraph:
I’d say today’s meritocratic elites achieve and preserve their status not mainly by being corrupt but mainly by being ambitious and disciplined. They raise their kids in organized families. They spend enormous amounts of money and time on enrichment. They work much longer hours than people down the income scale, driving their kids to piano lessons and then taking part in conference calls from the waiting room.
No. They don't work harder. Stop. Conference calls in the waiting room? Shut up. Seriously, stop. You are one of our elites and you wrote something this fucking stupid. Read that first sentence, it barely makes sense. You are the problem.

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