Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wanker of the Decade

To the surprise of no one, it was Tom Friedman. Go over there are read the whole thing.
Friedman possesses all of the qualities that make a pundit truly wankerific. He fetishizes a false "centrism" which is basically whatever Tom Friedman likes, imagining the Friedman agenda is both incredibly popular in the country and lacking any support from our current politicians, when in fact the opposite is usually true. Washington worships at the altar of the agenda of false centrism, and people often hate it. Problems abroad, even ones which really have nothing to do with us, should be solved by war, and problems at home should be solved by increasing the suffering of poor and middle class people. Even though one political party is pretty much implementing, or trying to implement, 99.999999% of the Friedman agenda, what we really need is a third party catering precisely to this silent majority of Friedmanites.

Truly great wankers possess a kind of glib narcissism, the belief that everything is about them while simultaneously disavowing any responsibility for anything. The important thing about an issue is whether it proves Tom Friedman fucking right, but if it doesn't we can just move on to the next big thing that will prove Tom Friedman fucking right. If you advocate for wars that go a bit bad, well, it's not your fault. If only Tom Friedman had been in charge everything would have been great.
And if you're not reading atrios on a regular basis, you should. He's one of the best combination of really smart and really funny there is today. And if nothing else, he's the one who brought this clip to the world's attention:

Check him out.

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  1. Watched that video again for the first time in years. I think what really makes it tick, aside from the abruptness of the shift from an inane but conceivable theory to SUCK ON THIS, is the stream of "um, uh, basically."

    Congrats, Tommie.