Thursday, January 19, 2012

Or Maybe it's the Shitty Policies?

This logic is always pretty incredible: (via atrios)
A depressing tale of austerity, job cuts and economic misery from our Ireland correspondent, Henry McDonald.

Henry reports that Northern Ireland's finance minister Sammy Wilson has told trade unions in the province to "shut up" over fears about job losses, and criticised the union's negative approach to the local economy.

On Tuesday the Irish Congress of Trade Unions claimed that 26,000 jobs could be lost in the Northern Ireland public sector as part of the Coalition's cost cutting, austerity programme over the next five years.

But Wilson denounced these projections saying that the predictions undermined efforts to build confidence in the economy.

Speaking on Radio Ulster, the Democratic Unionist minister said: "If they haven't anything positive to say, then they should shut up."

Wilson added:
Instead of engaging in rhetoric which damages the economy, I have been working as finance minister to try and mitigate the impact of decisions made in Westminster. We have been doing the thing responsibly, not going out trying to make the situation worse as the trade unions have been.
This kind of negative talk about what might happen undermines all the good work people are doing across Northern Ireland.

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