Monday, January 23, 2012

Assorted Thoughts

-BRING ON THE NEWTMENTUM! It seems like he'll probably flame out sooner rather than later, but just dreaming about the possibilities of Newt "IDEA MAN" Gingrich getting the Republican nomination fills me with joy. I'm finding myself wondering who he would pick for VP- would he resurrect some other 90s ghost, like Dick Army? Follow the Obama TEAM OF RIVALS thing and bring Romney in (ahahah, this guys career is built on petty grudges and vindictiveness, so nah)? Comedy option with Cain? John Bolton for SecState? Some maniac for SecDef? If Obama is determined to let creeping police-statism and the corporations continue destroying America we may as well let him pass the ball to someone who will do it with a real sense of panache, right?

-JOEPA. I had to look this one up to make sure, but this is the same guy who didn't call the police after hearing about child rape? And he dies and everyone is like "oh man, he sure was good at coaching sports." Ok... Seems to me like all the coaching in the world doesn't really make up for that, but based on the headlines and editorial cartoons it really hasn't derailed his legacy of being good at sports, so... alright? After the whole thing came out a bunch of people in PA had a rally to support... not the children who were raped, but the coach who didn't call the police on their rapist? Am I missing something on this one?

-OBAMA vs. WHISTLEBLOWERS. I've already let on that I'm not voting for Obama again, and this latest attack on leakers is a prime example of why. When even the WaPo is calling you out on your "unprecedented crackdown," and when you've had people like Bradley Manning held in solitary confinement for ages before reluctantly letting him interact with other human beings again... well, you've lost my vote. If Bush did this progressives would (rightfully) be up in arms about it, and its much to the shame of the left that we seem to have generally accepted the arguments for why it's ok, or simply shut up entirely on the subject. If it wasn't for Glenn Greenwald...


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