Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Something Shitty Comes This Way...

President Obama will address the nation tonight to discuss his plan do deal with the biggest problem currently facing our nation. No, he won't be talking about unemployment, forclosures, money in politics, our broken govenrment and definatly not the three wars we are engaged in.

Tonight he will discuss our nation's deficit, a right wing construction of a problem as atrios notes:
No one really cares about the deficit. Republicans use it as an excuse to implement their agenda. When there's no deficit, the answer is tax cuts for rich people When there's a big deficit, the answer is tax cuts for rich people and screwing poor people.
The fact that Obama considers this a priority is maddening, but that is no longer surprising. What he says tonight will in fact be surprising, since he caught even the leadership of his party by surprise, and there have been conflicting reports about the contents of his speech.

So who knows? It's probably going to suck, but how much? Will he propose cuts to medicare or social security (the Democratic Party Suicide Act)? Will he sneak in something good, like higher taxes for rich people? There's only one way to find out!

And I won't be finding out! Because there's a Capitals playoff game on, and I can read about what cuts to the social safety net our democratic president proposed after the caps cruise to a convincing victory.


  1. thats lot of hope riding on the caps tonight.

  2. lol are you really this dumb? "$1.6 trillion deficit--who cares????"

    the truth is we need to both raise taxes A LOT and cut government A LOT (and whittle defense to the bare minimum)

    you're retarded if you can't see that

  3. haha you have spammed your own website with this post