Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fighting Back

Via Kari and her wonderful blog, the fight back in Ohio begins:
Over the past few months, Ohio has had its share of fighting over public sector unions' collective bargaining rights.

Earlier this year, thousands marched on the statehouse in Columbus, but those protests didn't get unions or their Democratic supporters very far. Senate Bill 5 passed the Republican-dominated Ohio Legislature on March 30 and Gov. John Kasich signed it into law the next day.

Now, Ohio unions are turning to Plan B: a good old-fashioned petition drive to get a referendum on the measure on the ballot this fall. And union members are saying the governor's action may have actually helped reinvigorate the state's labor movement.
Awakening Ohio's base will also help us in relecting one of the nation's best Senators in 2012, Sherrod Brown.

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  1. Watch out gents, I'm going to start to think I'm not just an annoying feminist who reads you're blog.

    Brown is pretty rad, but I'm also hoping we can pull together a strong enough base to reelect Governor Strickland when the opportunity presents itself.

    I'm fairly optimistic at this point too, we did get a minimum wage increase via petitions and organizing. Then again, we didn't have quite the shit show we do now politically going on.