Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My MD Ballot

Heather Mizeur for Governor
Brian Frosh for Attorney General

Mizeur is a genuine progressive, and she deserves your vote. Brown will probably win and will be your standard issue blank slate democrat in a blue state, I don't think he's a Cuomo level centrist won't veto shit but he won't fight for much either. Gansler is an unspeakable asshole and will hopefully be humiliated by the end of this.

Frosh is fantastic and has been a leader on a bunch of issues, especially Maryland's repeal of the death penalty. Jon Cardin is a do-nothing state senator who only has his position because his uncle is our do-nothing representative in the US Senate. This race is actually going to be close, and here's hoping we don't promote another worthless Cardin to a position of actual power.

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