Thursday, February 20, 2014

Obama Admin Selling the TPP Using His Broken Pledge to Renegotiate NAFTA

This could not be more insulting:
"As a candidate for president, then-Senator Obama said he would renegotiate NAFTA, put labor and environmental standards at the core of trade agreements and make those standards enforceable like any commercial commitment," Froman said at CAP. “That’s exactly what we’re doing in TPP."
So to state the obvious, that is not what they are doing with the TPP. From what we know (which isn't much, since the agreement has been negotiated in secret with corporate lobbyists), the labor standards will be non-existent or non-enforceable. You know why I know this? Because the *entire point* of these agreements is avoid meaning labor and environmental standards in the United States.

But mainly, this is such a fuck you to go back to Obama's obviously bullshit NAFTA pledge and use that as an excuse to pass an agreement worse than NAFTA. Fuck all these people.

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