Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Good Old Fashioned Corruption

The details of this still amaze me:
Earlier this month, Bob McDonnell became former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. On Tuesday, he became indicted former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Just days after he left office, the Republican and and his wife, Maureen McDonnell, were charged in federal court with more than a dozen counts related to the tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and loans they accepted from a wealthy Virginia businessman. (The ex-governor maintained on Tuesday that he had done nothing illegal.)

The fact that the McDonnells were under scrutiny from prosecutors was no secret. Stories about the investigation, and the relationship between the McDonnells and the businessman, Jonnie Williams, had been appearing in the press for months. We knew (thanks in large part to stellar reporting from The Washington Post) about the Rolex, and the Oscar de la Renta dress, and the Ferrari joyride, and the golf outings.
Dresses, a watch... what did he think this was, the 1950s? You can get sooooooo much more money now from your corporate backers and no one will even blink! Get a superpac! Someone really let Bob McDonnell down in telling him how to sell out his office. He could have gotten so much more, and kept his career and prestige at the same time!

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