Thursday, August 15, 2013

We're Paying for the Egyptian Military's Murdering Spree

This is truly horrific stuff, and I would like to emphasize the point that just like the atrocities committed by Israel's government, we are providing the funding. Not enough outlets place these events in those terms, so major kudos to the Huffington Post for this:

There tends to be a "Team America/World Police" type response anytime this sort of thing happens. Can we invade? Which side of this battle needs more arms, and how can we arm them? It's going to take a long fucking time for us to escape the colonizers' mindset.

We're already heavily involved by giving the Egyptian military 1.5 billion dollars every year. Maybe if told them we're going to take that money away people might take the things we say on these events a bit more seriously.

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  1. I had this conversation with a cab driver last night. This sucks, hard.