Monday, July 1, 2013

Immigration Reform in the Hands of The Orange One

So the Senate worked hard at making the Immigration Reform bill worse in hopes of attracting 70 votes, because something. But seriously, there are people with important jobs who think that two extra votes on the immigration reform bill will suddently make John Boehner OK with losing his job. I don't understand these people.

The bill passed the Senate with 68 votes, and will now move on to the House, where it will not pass. I understand the point of advocating for the bill and using this moment as a leverage point, but I as an observer of this stuff I'd be willing to bet anything that nothing will come from this bill. In order to pass, the bill would have to be brought up and passed with Democratic votes. I know some commentators are trying to claim this would be some sort of GOP victory with latino voters but that's just insane. How on earth does a bill passing over the loud racist objections of your party benefit Republicans in any way?

We'll see how this plays out, but I'd be stunned if any actual passed legislation emerges from this mess.

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