Monday, June 17, 2013

Journalists Against Journalism

Where to even start with this shit: (video is not embedding because of something stupid)

Bob, just how exactly would we hold our elected officials accountable on this if until these leaks, NO ONE HAD PROOF THIS WAS HAPPENING. That really is the mindblowing point here. "Let's have a debate" about something we didn't know existed until Snowden leaked this documents. Linking to the 9/11 imagery is fucking shameful. It says everything about all that is wrong with our media that someone like Schieffer, a super respected dean of the DC press can say these statements and not be laughed out of his profession. Fucking mindblowing.

About it being cowardly going to Hong Kong: Hey, remember that last guy who leaked documents revealing US human rights abuses? Bradley Manning? He didn't run, we only put him in solitary confinement for 11 months (which is actual torture, BTW) and are prosecuting him for "aiding the enemy" which is beyond insane compared to his crimes. How about Daniel Ellsburg, who most people are ok with now because reasonable people seem to agree that the government was lying to us about the Vietnam war? He wasn't exonerated because it was the right thing to do, he's not in prison right now because of a fucking technicality.

Given these facts, what sane person would wait around for the Obama Administration ruin their mental and physical being by prosecuting them for aiding the enemy or treason or who knows what? This guy lived in Hawaii and made a shitload of money. He has chosen to live on the run/in hiding and probably won't see his family, friends or girlfriend again. All because he thinks letting us know about this stuff is THAT important. If that isn't courage I don't know what the fuck is.

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