Monday, May 20, 2013

Tumblr or not to Tumblr?

I had been considering switching this blog to a tumblr once the semester ended, but now I'm a bit nervous because Yahoo is taking it over and I can't think of something they don't suck at.

My main thoughts on switching were:
  • Blogger's CMS kind of sucks, screws up paragraph breaks all the time
  • Tumblr seemed to have a cleaner interface and look, and their CMS seemed to allow both the same level of text based posts plus greater support for images.
  • You can make tumblrs group blogs with comments, but sharing their posts is also much easier than it is on blogger.
Any experiences with tumblr/thoughts?


  1. I haven't used it, but have always been impressed with the design and structure. It's also a lot easier to interact socially, which is nice for a blog.

    On the other hand, the Yahoo! buy is definitely a reason to be worried!

  2. I use tumblr for a research project/blog and a community blog, and I like it. But yes, Yahoo so

  3. I switched the shit show over to a tumblr and it was great (until i had to science)

  4. Let's make Train of Thought a Flickr exclusive

  5. Thanks for the feedback all. I'll keep screwing with Tumblr and maybe pull the trigger later in the summer.

    Good news is I own the domain no matter what so I can switch back if it sucks.