Friday, March 9, 2012

The Wire Bracket

Now for something completely unrelated...

Earlier this week Grantland released a bracket that put wire characters against each other. The bracket:

My thoughts: (don't click the links if you haven't seen the show, there will be spoilers)
Anyhow, this whole thing just reminded me over and over how amazing the wire was, and led to a youtube binge of awesome Slim Charles clips, which is never bad.

Do you all see any major snubs/mismatches?


  1. my favorite scene's still this one from the pilot. hooked on this show from the first episode.

  2. Ok, I'm really into Stringer Bell and Kima. I don't really understand how this is going to work thus my reluctance to participate in anything with brackets except Jezebel's dessert playoffs every year. But Stringer Bell and Kima are seriously hot.