Sunday, December 16, 2007

Want video evidence of what an asshole Mark Penn is?

How about this. The full segment here.

Penn reminds me of that type of jackass that we've all met at some point, who would rather make cheap smart ass comments about republicans then actually think/talk about anything of substance. (I swear, the college democrats must breed these people, Rahul knows what I'm talking about)

Just look a the way he responds to Joe Trippi calling him out. Penn uses the mature and classy debating style of "We never intended to bring up the cocaine issue"(which is about as subtle as the joke example of a loaded question: "So, do you still beat your wife?")

To finish it off, he comes back at Trippi with the ever mature response of "I think you're saying cocaine, I think you're saying it".

Mark Penn. As always, a class act.

1 comment:

  1. i hate these jackasses....
    Especially when you have the chance to say something worth while.

    And damn, lets say that you are in fact a jackass hack..Ok, so there is nothing inherently wrong with that..That is just who you are and how you roll...Fine..Just don't make the rest of us look like Colmes and bring up trivial crap when you could actually be saying something and actually engage the 'opposition' in a meaningful dialogue...

    I think you've seen it, but these are the people who take a lot of the policy making jobs, and by acting like a jackass they keep so many smarter, worthwhile candidates away from the political scene for fear of 'jackassery'

    I'm trademarking that term...