Thursday, September 27, 2007

Last night's debate

A few thoughts on the Tim Russert Debate
-Note to Hillary: Laughing in response to a question about her vote yesterday trying provoke war with Iran... not a good look.
-Obama had pissed me off citing the innocent bystander position, but redeemed some of that by claiming that he wanted to fight to end the war before Bush is out of office. I really, really, really wish that I believed it more. One of those walk the walk if you talk the talk things, and so far, there has been no walk.
-Richardson made a good point about about how the key to immigration reform is creating jobs in Mexico. Too bad that point came from Bill Richardson, the promoter of NAFTA-which is largely responsible the lowered wages and lost jobs in Mexico - and as a result is a good deal responsible for the increase in illegal immigration during the 1990s.(Bang head on table)
-I thought Edwards was good at citing how he had learned from his Iraq war vote, and due to her vote yesterday, Clinton clearly did not. The more clear attacks on her abysmal positions from either Edwards or Obama the better.
-Kucinich made me happy by tying illegal immigration to NAFTA and the WTO in a televised debate. I'll expand on why I completely agree and it drives me insane that trade has been left out of the immigration debate some other time.
-Tim Russert: Leave the torture senario nonsense for 24, its much more interesting to watch Kiefer Sutherland run around torturing people then 8 candidates repeat the same thing.
-One last note: The environment? education? They seemed mostly to have lost out compared to favorite bible verse and baseball team. Even if someone was a Yankees, Duke and Cowboys fan - IT DOESN'T MATTER IN A PRESIDENTIAL RACE!

Well maybe if they were a cowboys fan... then it becomes a character issue.

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